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Lone Wolf's Assault ll Hunt Ready Treestand System includes our compact Assault ll treestand, a 4 pack of Lone Wolf Climbing sticks and an Alphatech Stick Quiver. Everything you need to hang and hunt from the most versatile, strongest, lightest and most quiet setup in the world.

Save $40 by purchasing the Assault Hunt Ready system over purchasing all items separately!

Treestand: The Assault™ Hang On treestand is the benchmark by which all other hang on treestands are measured. Lightweight, compact, deadly quiet, and easy to use - its no wonder diehard hunters view their Assault™ Hang On treestand as a key to their success season after season. The Assault™ features a convenient self-leveling seat and platform, and accepts the E-Z Hang Hook accessory, allowing users to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging.

Climbing Sticks: Quick, quiet and easy to use, the Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks are the perfect pairing to any of the Lone Wolf hang on treestands. These Climbing Sticks are ingeniously designed to nest together and mount directly on the Assault™ treestand or ALPHA™ Hang On treestand. The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks feature reversible steps for added convenience.

Alphatech Stick Quiver: A great new way to carry your climbing sticks! The new Alphatech Stick Quiver simply snaps right on to the seat post of your favorite Lone Wolf hang-on stand and securely holds up to 4 climbing sticks. Fits all Lone Wolf stands with 1 1/4" seat tube.

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Product Specs
26" x 19.5" one-piece cast aluminum
14" x 12", height 21"
Large, contoured foam pad
Just 11 pounds!
Fits trees 4" - 22" in diameter.
6-point Fall Arrest System
(tested to meet industry standards)
Distinctive 3-D camo platform design.
(US Patent #D445201) ( US Patent # 8424645)
Backpack straps
(optional padded straps available)
NEW In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows.

Back-Packs with Ease

Back-Packs with Ease
Hang on stands fold flat while climbing stand pieces nest together, flat. Either way, your Lone Wolf stand packs down to an ultra-thin profile for easy carrying.

E-Z Hang Hook

E-Z Hang Hook
When used in conjunction with one of the two belts included with our Hang On models, the E-Z Hang Hook is an alternative to the Offset Bracket System. Just strap on the E-Z Hang Hook and hang the stand directly on the tree. Now, hunters can pre-hang multiple hooks and have multiple hunting options using just one stand. (Accessory Only)

Offset Bracket

Offset Bracket
Provides increased left to right stand leveling in the most awkward trees! (Patented)

Self-Leveling System

Self-Leveling System
Now, even awkward trees are no problem. The seat and platform level out individually to fit a multitude of angles. No tools needed., levels in seconds.


For use with the Hang On, Alpha Hang On, Assault, Assassin, All Climbing Sticks, and StrongArm.
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